Why Sponsor

–   All our marketing activities have been designed to ensure that our event sponsors receive significant commercial value from their sponsorship before, during and after the event. African Enterprise Awards will provide a platform for brand exposure to a global audience, primarily in the UK and across Africa.

Mainstream Media

–   Our mainstream media partners will promote the awards through television, radio, magazines and newspapers. We ex- pect global media exposure to reach 10 million viewers.

Social Media

–   Our social media campaign will target audiences on all our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. We expect social media exposure to reach 1 million people.

–   The African Enterprise Awards will be seen by
a global audience primarily in the UK & across Africa


–   The African Enterprise Awards website and the AAOE main website will display information about the awards and our sponsors. Our AE Awards website will be interactive and en- courage user participation. Visitors will be able to click through to sponsors websites. We expect traffic in excess of 5,000 visitors per week on average.

Direct Marketing

–   Our event based direct e-mailing campaign will reach ap- proximately 60,000 people on our database and an additional 40,000 on those of our supporting partners. Information about our sponsors will be included in all emails to our exclusive da- tabase of businesses and professionals.